William E Hillis

I've spent 20 years analyzing data and publishing illustrations: at a state transportation department, two Big Four advisory firms in China, and since 2016, at a PNW residential real estate brokerage.

Sequence of play

This "Sequence of Play” wraps up the pre-playtest journal for Spheres & Farms™ , a detailed simulation of the residential real estate business that systematically models all the factors and activities that bear on brokerage brand owners’ pursuit of visibility in their target markets.

Visibility points: accumulation and scoring

Visibility of a community amounts to the concentrations of listings there among a constellation of communities comprising all adjacent locations. This demands a prospecting model that spawns listings in adjacent areas, and quantifies visibility on the basis of sold listings farmed from a location.

Construction projects and pre-sales

The sixteenth Spheres & Farms™ journal entry, "Construction projects and pre-sales:” To a realty brand, the real-world benefit of commission income from project sales is that the surplus can be redirected into agent recruitment and brand promotions in other locations prioritized by the brand.